Diamond Wellness Packages– hands down our bestselling package – bundles all the essentials of preventive healthcare at an affordable price. It helps in detailed evaluation of a person`s current status of health & assists in detection of potential health risks at an early stage. Precautions-
♦ We advise you to be calm during the collection of Blood by the Lab Expert. Be calm while our lab experts will take you through the process safely and painlessly deliver superior health solutions with unmatched convenience and affordability.

Before the Test :
♦ Do not consume Alcohol before the test.
♦ Share your medical records, history or concerns if any with our executive.
♦ Fasting of 10 to 12 hours before this Blood test is required with only water permitted.

After the Test :
♦ Do not remove the cotton swab applied by the Lab Expert on the site of Blood collection for at least 3-5 minutes to avoid infection.
♦ Please remove the band aid on the puncture spot within 1-2 hours of application.

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